Saturday, February 11, 2017

Damned Fool Liberals

I'm getting really tired of their yammering. They're crying, screaming, lying on the floor kicking their feet over Trump whipping their butts in the election. They thought he couldn't possibly win that election, but he did, resoundingly They take comfort in him not winning the popular vote, but that's not how we elect presidents in this country. We have elected them through the electoral college since the very first, and they know that. But they just won't admit it, and I'm sick of their childish behavior. They're protesting the LEGAL way in which he won, like his winning was illegal. He has pledged to penalize those "sanctuary" cities for refusing to obey the law.

They have pledged to fight back, It isn't often a CRIMINAL pledges to fight the cops, and the mayors of these cities ARE criminals. You don't get to decide WHICH laws you will obey and not be punished. Their criminality is going to cost their cities millions of dollars, maybe BILLIONS. Which will cause suffering for many of their righteous citizens, to the benefit of interlopers--the illegal kind. Liberals seem always to choose the position that is at odds with normality, and try to MAKE their position "the norm." They'll find they cannot do that with Trump in the White House. And they'd better get used to it. They're making fools of themselves. But that's what they do best, other than stealing elections. (Just common sense)

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