Monday, February 6, 2017

Democrats: "Useful Idiots"

One of the factors most in use by those who just want to take power over the rest of us is the "useful idiot." The Democrats have that in George Soros and his PAID rioters. One of the tactics used to great advantage by the Nazis (as well as other people who want to RULE us) is the "useful idiot." People willing to riot only, break ANY law, but also cause much property damage and even MURDER to oppose the will of the rightful leaders. That's what we are seeing in our streets today; people who purposely break expensive windows and burn buildings, burn limousines owned by individuals (not the government), hit dissenters in the head with iron bars and otherwise beat up those who oppose them, and disrupt the normal workings of America. And they Also do these things to stifle speakers who they don't agree with, as they did recently, in Berkeley, California, where many liberal terrorists live. These people are home-grown TERRORISTS. This is what terrorists DO! (iPatriot)

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