Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Anti-Gun Fallacy

MIchael Bloomberg, one of the most virulent anti-gun fools, lives in a "gated community" guarded by men with guns, that they CALL a "gun-free zone." So do many other anti-gun fools, and many (most) of them run around, surrounded by gun-carrying thugs. But they want to deny us the same right (guaranteed by the Constitution) to also have armed security, unless we can afford to HIRE it. One Senator thinks the way to self defense is to open our borders to Islamic terrorists, who have PROMISED to kill ALL "unbelievers," while taking away the guns from its citizens so they can't defend themselves. Sen. Chris Murphy (Democrat, of course), is that Senator. I don't know if he lives in such a community or not, but obviously he only talks to people who think the same way he does. So he's not intelligent enough to know how STUPID his thinking is. If we keep electing such damned fools to the Congress, we will continue to get STUPID "gun laws" made. (America's First Freedom)

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