Friday, February 10, 2017

Uncontrolled Liberal Hacks

But they're wearing black robes and have lifetime appointments, so, under current law, they get to rule whichever way they want, not bothering to base their rulings on the law, or the Constitution, as they are DIRECTED to do. They get away with it, because nobody had the forethought to put "checks and balances" on them. There is NOBODY who can review their rulings and MAKE them cite the statute OR the constitutional provision upon which they base their rulings. One such judge, in the past, based his ruling on FOREIGN LAW, something which should have NO AFFECT on a ruling in a U. S. Court. That was a clear violation of his oath of office. Now a hack in a Washington federal court made a ruling, not on the law, but on his own bias that has put America's safety in doubt, and the hacks in the "Ninth Circus" Court backed him up, again without reference to the law or the Constitution.

There needs to be an "Inspector General" to oversee the courts, making sure their rulings conform to the Constitution and the statutes. They should not be allowed to "run wild" with their rulings, and even rule in OPPOSITION to the law or Constitution. In this recent case, the statutes are CLEAR. The president clearly has the statutory authority to limit who is allowed to enter this country if he feels they might be a danger, without interference by a hack on the court. That was ignored by both courts in their "rulings." Laws should be made to FORCE judges to cite the LAW or the CONSTITUTIONAL backing for their rulings, with an inspector general to keep track of it, who has the power to reverse their rulings if they don't, and to REMOVE them if they show a pattern of such rulings. And that should include the supreme Court, itself. They should not be allowed to be a law unto themselves with NO oversight. (Just common sense)

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