Thursday, February 16, 2017

Target Stores Suffering

They made a "big thing" about allowing MEN into women's bathrooms and changing rooms if they "think" they're women, and somebody created a boycott because of it. Their stock went WAY down after that, and they lost 10 BILLION in value because of it. I'd bet the guy in the board room who thought of that is long gone, or SHOULD be. They have canceled several big projects designed to make their future brighter. I hope they realize what the cause of their losses is, and reverse that policy, now that ADULTS are in charge in DC. I'd hate for them to "go down in flames." Target tried to explain away the losses, saying that's the "ebb and flow of business." That's a BIG flow, in such a short time, after a recognizable cause! One thing they don't understand is that transgenders are such a SMALL percent of their customers. Figures show ONE in 24,000 people live as the sex opposite to their own. It's a real "tempest in a teapot," and they don't know it. (Breitbart)

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