Saturday, February 4, 2017

Gun Grabbers Lie Again

The "Violence Policy Center," a well-known anti-gun outfit KNOWN for putting out LYING numbers, has done it again. They just out out a report slandering all concealed carriers. It says "firearm permit holders have killed 921 people (not in self defense or in defense of others) since 2007." which is an absolute LIE. First, only THREE permit holders killed anybody in TEN YEARS. Further, fully ONE-THIRD of the "murders" they cite were SUICIDES. They omit the fact that MOSTLY people who have ILLEGAL guns, WITHOUT permits commit MOST of those murders. That is the main fallacy in ALL their law-making regarding guns. ALL the "murders" that concern them so much were committed by people WITHOUT permits, and their current laws can do NOTHING to stop them. There are currently 14.5 MILLION permit holders in the U. S., and if permit holders did the killing, you'd damned sure NOTICE it, I guarantee you! These are yet more of the PHONY figures put out by this dishonest, anti-gun outfit that other gun-grabbers rely on for their phony figures. (Patriot Post)

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