Monday, February 6, 2017

"Dangerous and Silly"

The LA Times thinks allowing people who have concealed carry permits to carry their guns on campus is "dangerous and silly." Of course, this completely ignores the fact that there are ALREADY many ILLEGAL guns on campus, and, so far, that has not proven to be overly "dangerous OR silly." Additionally, they think anybody with a college degree should be "stripped of their gun rights." Of course, ALL anti-gun fools, which they seem to be, think EVERYBODY should be stripped of their gun rights--except for them. Many of them ARE armed, and think that's only their right--but that right is not for you. They say that law-abiding people RARELY use a gun for self defense (which is a LIE), so the whole idea is pointless. Whatta bunch of BOOBS! They think a "good guy with a gun" is INEFFECTIVE against a criminal with a gun, which is just STUPID! Criminals with guns have been stopped OFTEN by a "good guy with a gun," but they want to ignore that to preserve their phony narrative. (Breitbart)

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