Saturday, February 4, 2017

Ending Free Speech

Liberals rioted to gain "free speech" in the sixties and are now rioting to END free speech in America. This, they did in Berkeley, California the other day. They threw fire bombs, beat people up, and generally became (again) CRIMINALS to keep a man who disagreed with their stupid ideas from speaking on the Berkeley campus. The "authorities" there sat back and just watched as they did millions of dollars' worth of damage to property, and caused injury to many, to keep ONE MAN from telling his side of things. This is what liberals HATE, and wish to "stamp out." Dissension from their stupid ideas. Word is that the cops were told to "stand down" and allow all this, which the lack of arrests shows they DID. In addition, even though they told us these rioters were "students," they were NOT. They were PAID rioters; paid to disrupt and damage as many things as they could, hopefully to make it easier for the people who want to "rule us" to "take over." Colleges, which used to be "bastions of free speech," are now "ruled" by "political correctness," which is just another term meaning CENSORSHIP. And the people being censored are those WANTING free speech and the right to make their own decisions. (James Baxley)

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