Thursday, February 23, 2017

Diddling the Numbers

The Labor Dept. comes out every week with numbers which are supposed to represent unemployment. There's the U-3 numbers, which do not include those who have been unemployed so long they've given up on ever finding a full-time job, again. that there's the U-6 numbers, which INCLUDES these people. All during the Obama years, the liberal media acted like the U-6 numbers didn't exist, so they could continue to report that unemployment figures were going down as more and more people gave up and left the workforce, and were not counted. That's cheating, but we know they did it, to make Obama look good. Now that Trump is in office, lo and behold! tThe liberal media "discovered" the U-6 number and are using it to make Trump look bad. This is how they diddle the numbers to create a false narrative. (Just common sense)

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