Sunday, February 19, 2017

Build Trump's Wall?

Should Trump build the wall he so fervently promised? Yes. He did promise, after all. But he should not rely totally on that wall to, by itself, "solve his problem." And I don't think he is dumb enough to do so. There should be many ways to MONITOR that wall, including cameras, motion sensors, and other things, including stepped-up patrols by the Border Patrol. And he should not ANNOUNCE what he is going to do, so the illegal aliens can figure out ways around it. Critics say the wall can be "tunneled under" and "gone over," and they're right. That's why the wall, which would make it HARDER to enter the United States illegally, must be tightly monitored. Only the ignorant would build a wall and not monitor it, in as many ways as they can, knowing how inventive illegal aliens can be. I figure "The Wall" was only a symbol for what Trump is going to do to shore up the illegal entry of people who would rather violate the law than do it legally. (CNBC)

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