Friday, February 3, 2017

"Conditions Are Too Strict"

That's what Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo says. But conditions CAN'T be "too strict" to suit me. You loosen up for him, and he escapes. He did that several times when imprisoned in Mexico, and authorities here are determined that it will not happen here. Frankly, I think his communication with his lawyer ought to be monitored, too, so he can't use that lawyer as a conduit to give orders to his thugs. I'm really surprised the Mexicans allowed him to be brought here, since he has paid so many of them off. His being brought here could mean the END for him--at least, as a "drug lord." With all the crimes he has committed, and CAUSED to be committed at his orders, he should not ever see the light of day again, in his lifetime. The only way he should leave prison is on a slab--and they'd better make sure he's really dead when he does. (NewsMax)

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