Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cows Get A Bad Rap

The government has actually gone so far as to charge farmers a fee for each cow on their farm, because of "cow farts." They SAY the methane gas emitted when they fart adds to global warming....er, uh, climate change, as they now call their swindle. But why lay it all on cows? Horses fart. PEOPLE fart. Dogs fart, and so do cats, though cats hide it better. Elephants fart, and hippos fart. Every living thing that has a waste disposal orifice farts. I hate to bring this up, because the bureaucrats and politicians will just use it to screw us out of even more of our hard-earned money. That's all it is: a way to screw us out of more money. That can also be said about "climate change," itself. AlGore seized upon "global warming" so he could use it to become rich, and it worked, He has become a billionaire promoting this swindle. Obama took it up, late in his administration, so he could also use it to screw us out of more money, and make more and better laws and regulations to better control us.. Al found it necessary to change its name to "climate change," because REAL climate scientists found that the world hasn't been "warming" for almost 20 years! Now he can attribute ANY weather anomaly to his swindle and still con people out of their money. (Just common sense)

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