Saturday, February 25, 2017

Judges Aren't Too Smart

At least, not in the Fourth Circuit Court. They just said, in a ruling, that if you have a gun, you're automatically a "suspect." Now THAT is stupid! Judges should be smarter than that. Having a gun, LEGALLY, does NOT make you a "suspect." It only makes you better able to defend yourself against the REAL suspect, the man with an ILLEGAL gun. The fourth Circuit recently ruled that just carrying a gun (legally) makes you "suspect," until proven innocent. That violates the Fourth Amendment and the "innocent until proven guilty" theory, which is LAW in this country. Maybe these judges don't know that. If not, they have no business BEING on the Court. One judge said that merely carrying a gun (legally or otherwise) makes you a danger to others and subject to losing certain constitutional protections afforded to persons who do NOT carry guns. How big a fool does that make this judge? If they saw what I said, they might want to find me in contempt. They'd be right. I AM in contempt of this court. (America's First Freedom)

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