Sunday, February 26, 2017

Is It An Anomaly?

Politicians (usually Democrats, but some Republicans, too) say such things as this are anomalies. Kate Steinlie, in San Francisco, might have been an anomaly if she were the ONLY innocent person murdered in cold blood by a many-times deported illegal alien. But she's not. There are many such cases. One of the most recent is the case of the murderous rampage a Salvadorian citizen went on the day after Connecticut Governor Malloy told the cops in his state not to enforce immigration laws (for which he should be imprisoned, or at least fined a LOT of money). This guy, who has been deported before, and came back, murdered a mother, stabbed another woman, and kidnapped her baby. Crimes he couldn't have committed if our borders were more secure. Salvador has a very high murder rate, and their illegal aliens have brought it here. Where Salvadorian immigrants are most numerous, the murder rate suspiciously goes up. They caught him, and the baby was miraculously physically unharmed. Will he be deported again, and will he come back and kill again? (DC Clothesline)

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