Monday, February 20, 2017

"Bloodbath" to Continue?

As soon as the new Sec. of State took office, he went in and "cleaned out" most of the "Obama leftovers" on the 7th floor, as well as a couple of the higher ranking "officials" in offices right next to his. One of the problems right now is that Trump is having so much trouble getting his appointments past Congress because of Democrat "foot-dragging." Without those new directors, it's difficult to get those in the second rank or lower out--and that's probably one of the reasons for the "foot-dragging." While they Remain, They can continue to undermine Trump, Simply By The Way They "ENFORCE" his rules, therefore making him look incompetent. The best example of this is how his "immigration" EO was handled, by bureaucrats who SHOULD have known the right way to enforce it, without "detailed instructions" from Trump. Such micromanaging should not be necessary for a president. (Just common sense)

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