Thursday, February 23, 2017

"False Prophets"

The Bible talks about “false prophets,” and warns us to “beware of them.” I'm not an overly religious man, but I believe they were talking about the Muslim “religion,” which is based on EVIL, as far as I can see. They CLAIM that they don't preach death, but they do. If you refuse to convert to their phony religion, you could face a “death sentence,” depending upon which Muslim is demanding your conversion. Muslim Imams all over the world are preaching hate and murder, and suicide, making that silly “promise” of “74 virgins” they will receive in “Paradise” if they are killed trying to advance Islam. They treat women as vassal slaves, restricting them to their homes unless accompanied by their “slave masters,” one of the MALE members of their family. When out, they are required to wear what is best described as a TENT, or at least, in some places, a head scarf called a “hijab.” Their “culture” gives men supreme power over them, including that of life and death. The tales of fathers and brothers KILLING girls for being SEEN with the wrong man are rife. They may beat them at their own discretion, and are even advised as to how best to do it by their “religion.” They call it “honor killing.” Many of their other practices are abhorrent, such as screwing little boys and keeping them as slaves to their sexual needs, but they claim to be superior to all of us. Come on, people! Wake up to reality! (Just common sense)

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