Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ending Chicago Gun Crime

You will never be able to end it completely, but there are ways to reduce it to manageable proportions that Trump can use, without taking away the constitutional right of honest Chicago residents to have the means to defend themselves. One is to get rid of the idea that the "stop and frisk" policy, if used, will bring down the wrath of the federal government. That will serve to make cops more able to nip crime in the bud, using their innate senses and abilities, before it becomes a shooting. The other is to fully enforce the laws adding significant time to the sentences of criminals using guns in their crimes, That's a thing that is regularly waived to get convictions in other crimes. That's just lazy policing. But the most important thing is the first thing mentioned. Allowing the cops to do their jobs without liberals peering over their shoulder, ready to "jam them up" for doing their jobs. That will go a long way toward improving morale among cops--which will improve results, Mayor Emanuel notwithstanding. (Washington Times)

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