Friday, February 10, 2017

They Protest Too Much

I think the liberals (Democrats) "protest too much." Would there have been violent protests and riots in the streets if Hillary had won? Probably not. The "average American citizen doesn't react that way when their side loses. Besides, more of them have jobs and don't have the time. They just "button up" and take it, waiting for the next opportunity to change things. They realize that sometimes they win, and sometimes they lose. That's the difference between Democrats and other people. Democrats think they have the "divine right to rule," and ANYBODY who pushes them out of the positions of power had to have done it illegally. So they PAY people to demonstrate.They spend $BILLIONS to do it.

They get help from troublemakers like billionaire George Soros, who LOVES to cause trouble for others. He makes millions when it happens. The Democrats are particularly incensed this time, since they not only lost the presidency, they lost both houses in Congress, many governorships, and hundreds, maybe even thousands of legislative seats, all over the country. They have been relegated to (permanent?) "back bench status," and they HATE it. They don't think it's right, and they react violently. They're now a small "coastal party," and they know it, whether or not they admit it. They won't regain their status by what they're doing, but they're like a small child having a temper tantrum. Hopefully, like most tantrums, that will pass. But will it soon enough for them? (Just common sense)

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