Monday, February 6, 2017

"Trump Can Do No Right"

Donald Trump decided to stay at his own hotel in DC while he got inaugurated as the 45th president (He did make it to the bible; a surprising thing with so many liberals promising to assassinate him before he can be sworn in). That move saved the government even more money, as who would charge money for the use of his OWN property? But that isn't how the liberals saw it. They saw it as a conflict of interest, and "free advertising" for his hotel. Apparently, Trump can do no right, according to them. They will find a way to criticize his every move in their attempts to delegitimize him. Talk about "transparent stupidity!" They even lost their minds over the Trump employees giving him a "standing O" as he entered one of his properties recently. I guess they thought his employees should sneer at him and turn their backs on him. The stupid liberals who have boycotted his inauguration think their action will make a difference to anybody but other liberals. They need to "get over themselves." (Just common sense).

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