Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Crybaby Democrats

They criticized Donald Trump when he hedged about accepting the results of the election--until they lost. Now they're going about whining and griping, screaming and kicking the floor from a supine position, and acting like BABIES because THEY can't accept the results of the election. They're hiring goons to start riots and incite Democrat dupes to help them. Those goons are burning things, damaging cars and other private property, and generally making asses of themselves, "protesting" the fact that Donald Trump won the election, fair and square, in spite of all their efforts at election fraud. They're putting as many roadblocks as they can in front of Trump, even if they cause Americans to be KILLED by allowing Muslim terrorists into the country without adequate vetting. The Republicans are getting tired of it, as witness their use of what liberals called an "arcane rule" almost NEVER used to tell Democrat Elizabeth Warren to "siddown and shut up!" She was violating Senate Rule 19 against impugning a fellow Member, something of which I'm sure she was aware--but she didn't care. If the Democrats don't "siddown and shut up" soon, they're going to cement their position as a "regional party" and not fit to field a presidential candidate in the future. (Just common sense)

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