Friday, February 17, 2017

More "Fake News"

Somewhere, in the "bowels of the federal government," are MILLIONS of what they call "contingency plans." There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of government employees whose only job it is ro come up with these contingency plans for every possible contingency imaginable. Most of them are worked up, cussed and discussed, and then thrown on the pile of contingency plans already there, and forgotten, until, or unless a real emergency arises, fitting certain conditions as specified on those contingency plans, and then advanced as a POSSIBILITY to solve a major problem.

The Associated press got hold of one of those contingency plans where it was suggested to use hundreds of thousands of National Guard "citizen soldiers" to "round up" lots of illegal aliens and "ship 'em out, probably as a LEAK from an anti-Trump holdover employee, and "ran with it," as if it was a real plan on Trump's table for use, right now, to make it look like he is considering it. He probably doesn't even KNOW about it, as it is with all the others gathering dust in some deep, dark space. They ran the story in the most distressing way to further discredit Trump, as if it were HIS plan, when it might have been created years ago. It has just enough believably that certain kinds of people "buy it," right away, without even thinking. Democrats are such people, since they are "beating their heads against the wall" trying to find something, ANYTHING, to use against Trump. (NBC News)

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