Monday, February 27, 2017

Desperation City

Every time I hear somebody talk about Trump's “connection to the Russians,” I laugh uncontrollably. Because “there is no there, there.” Every story that is published about it is forced to not, way at the bottom, in the smallest print possible, “There is NO EVIDENCE (caps mine) to support this contention.” Yet they still insist, to anyone who will listen, that he DID “work the the Russians” to hurt Hillary's chances and get himself elected. “No evidence.” Their favorite expression when confronted with Democrat corruption, but when used BY them, to attack Trump, it is an "attack phrase." It is a necessary thing to say, because there IS NO EVIDENCE that Trump ever did what they allege. Yet they continue to harp on it, even now demanding a “special prosecutor, to “look into it.” They have nothing else, except to foment riots to keep conservatives from speaking, anywhere, and to continue “dragging their feet” to keep Trump from getting all his appointees confirmed by Congress. They use every parliamentary trick there is, to do that. (Just common sense)

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