Tuesday, February 7, 2017

They Don't Need Guns

As I've always said, those fools who want to kill a bunch of people don't need guns. If guns are unavailable to them, they will find a way. As this fool did in Australia, where guns are all but banned, entirely. He was involved in a stabbing, and then drove through a bunch of pedestrians, killing a few, and injuring many. One of his victims was a CHILD, killed in his wild melee. People say guns are at fault, but they aren't. They're just a TOOL "bad guys" use to kill people, and if they aren't available to them, they use knives, cars, trucks, and other instruments of death. Lack of guns does not bother them. Should we ban knives, cars, and trucks, since they have been used to kill people? That would be as stupid as banning guns, because THEY kill people. Without a "bad guy" holding it, a gun is no danger to anybody, nor is a car or a truck. (The Guardian)

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