Friday, February 10, 2017

It's Not About Religion!

Liberals like to scream that Trump wants to stop Muslims from entering the United States--period. That's a typical liberal twisting of everything he says, or does. It's not about religion, it's about a large group of Muslims threatening to kill Americans who won't "convert" to their phony "religion," and who are coming here by the thousands, claiming to be "refugees," but who are not. These "refugees" are mostly young, fighting age MEN, with very few women, children or old people. That's NOT using RELIGION as a ban. That's banning people who threaten us from infiltrating us and setting out to kill us. All Muslims are not terrorists. But ALMOST all terrorists today, are Muslims.

Making large groups of Muslims coming here in droves very suspicious. Additionally, even "peaceful Muslims" (so far) are a problem in America, because they insist on interfering in our business by filing suits to keep us from doing what is normal and natural for us, but not for them. You don't come to someone else's house, then demand they conform to YOUR rules. They keep trying to institute "Sharia Law" here. A system that goes against EVERYTHING American. They want to force OUR women to wear hijabs because women without them offends them. That's what they do, and Muslims all over are making trouble, which makes them undesirables. (The Guardian)

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