Sunday, February 19, 2017

"Nazi Trump"

I'm getting really tired of the "over-the-top" insults Democrats and other liberal dumb butts heap on Donald Trump and everybody who agrees with him. All the "demonstrations" and depredations committed by anti-Trump fools also. Demonstrations are okay, They are given protection in the Constitution. But not the kind of demonstrations put on by the liberals, with riots, marauding fools setting limousines on fire, hitting pro-Trump people in the head with steel bars, even SHOOTING them. running around purposely breaking expensive store windows, and generally making nuances of themselves.

Then you add the Democrat efforts to hamstring Trump in his ability to govern, from the position of the MINORITY party when they can't really oppose him in the long run. all that does is cost a lot of money and waste a lot of time that could be better used in actually governing. The Democrat Party is proving themselves to be "enemies of the people," rather than the "loyal opposition." They have become THUGS, willing to commit ANY crime to make their point. People who should be kept OUT of any position of authority, at all costs, and PUT DOWN like the ENEMIES they are. A party with NO logical goal except to obstruct Republicans at every point, even when such obstruction does all of us, even them, damage. (Just common sense)

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