Sunday, February 12, 2017

Racism Against Whites

I guess that's okay, at least with Netflix. They have a new movie coming out. The title is, "Dear White People" and is a racist movie. Racist against white people, not backs. What if someone came out with a movie titled, "Dear Black People?" Liberals would lose their MINDS! And they'd be right. So why do they yawn when told about this movie? Racism against whites is "the new racism," and has the tacit APPROVAL of liberals. I've seen more angry black people recently than at any time in the past, and they accuse white people of racism, while demonstrating their OWN racism. White racism against blacks is at its lowest ebb ever, in this country.

There are more BLACK mayors and other politicians in the South today than EVER. We have even had our first black PRESIDENT! How would that even be POSSIBLE if this country were so racist? In the 50s, that would be unheard of. I remember being asked by a COP in the fifties which side I'd be on when the race war began. And he was a good friend of mine, and a decent fellow, as a rule. He didn't SEEM to be racist, except for that. Black against white racism has become "normal" in this country, today, and if we allow it to continue, we will LOSE our country. (Glenn Beck)

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