Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Ready, FIRE! ...Er, Aim!

That seems to be what at least one court in Pennsylvania is doing: firing before aiming. They used a "civil forfeiture act" to confiscate the gun used by a man to discourage another driver from tailgating him. The man did nothing but SHOW the gun to the tailgater. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, and the judge refused to give his gun back, citing the "civil forfeiture act." I'm surprised they didn't keep his car, too. Only one problem. That is based on English "common law," that doesn't apply to anything in Pennsylvania, or the United states. In other words, the law the judge cited does not exist. This is a good example of a liberal judge making his own laws. Pennsylvania is largely a liberal-run state, and most of their judges are liberal, and thus are anti-gun fools, which is a basic thing in liberal land. (Philly Voice)

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