Saturday, November 5, 2016

Worse Than They Thought?

Liberals and other gun-grabbers tell us there are about 300 million guns in the U. S., and they’re WRONG, as usual, mostly due to lack of proper research, of course. There are NOT 300 million, there are at least 412 million, and maybe up to 600 million. Boy! That must make Sen. Feinstein and Gabby Giffords cringe! And most of those guns are ILLEGALLY-owned, which are usually the only ones used to do “gun violence” while all their “laws” only apply to LEGAL gun owners, who are not the problem, at all. As usual, their numbers are faulty. Sometimes because of faulty research, but other times due to them LYING to “buttress” their figures to make us think “guns are taking over.” Their entire narrative is based on the false premise that, if they can “get rid of guns,” that will also get rid of CRIME. And that all they have to do is make a LAW that LAWBREAKERS will obey. (Weapons Man)

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