Friday, November 11, 2016

Permanent Election

It seems almost as if we’re ALWAYS “in an election cycle” We have to suffer politicians calling each other names, all the time. Every four years we have a presidential election. Candidates are vying for that “prize” for more than two years prior to that. Every TWO years, we have an election for lesser offices, and one of them always falls right in the middle of the presidential election cycle which just adds to the din. The minute the presidential election is over, those seeking lesser offices start running their damned ads, and they keep running them, right up to their own election. As soon as that’s over, the campaigning for the NEXT election begins. They’ve already started up for the 2018 elections! I’m getting damned tired of listening to the politicians LYING about one another all the time. Something needs to be done to LIMIT political campaigning so campaigning is not going on, ALL the time. Another thing that bothers me; The fact tht politicians raise, and spend $MILLIONS of dollars to get a job that earns them at most, $200,000! There are a lot of gullible Americans out there willing to send them money, and they take full advantage of it. I have NEVER sent a DIME to a politician to help him/her get elected, and I never will. There are enough fools out there to keep their coffers filled. (Just common sense)

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