Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Creating A Crime Wave

It’s becoming more and more clear that Obama wants to do as much DAMAGE to this country as he can, as long as he can. So he’s releasing as many criminals from prison on specious reasons, as he can. Earlier this month he released 102 criminals, many of them with gun convictions. Then just the other day he released another 98 , and 19.8% of them had gun convictions. This action GUARANTEES a significant rise in the crime rate, especially the GUN crime rate, as those “career criminals” continue to ply their trade. Couple that with his importing hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists, who have PROMISED to kill as many Americans as they can if they don’t “convert” to their phony “religion,” disguised as ”refugees, and a new “crime wave” is guaranteed. Of course, as a former president, he will live behind a wall with his own ARMED security, provided by the government, so he isn’t worried about being victimized. Besides: most of them are his friends, or just grateful to him for their freedom to victimize us some more, (Bearing Arms)

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