Wednesday, November 23, 2016

One More Reason

Why we should reject "gun control." There's a race war coming, promoted by Barack Hussein Obama. It doesn't matter that Obama will soon be a part of our history. He "planted the seed" when he SUPPORTED ideas like that promoted by "Black Lives Matter" and the idea that cops shoot and kill black males in undue numbers. Every time a cop shoots a "bad guy," it doesn't matter that the "bad guy" was shooting at him, or preparing to shoot at him. They paint it as an UNNECESSARY killing of one more black man. And putting a target on the backs of every cop only makes it worse. They talk about the higher numbers of black men killed and injured by cops in "minority" areas, completely ignoring the unalterable fact that those "minority" (black) areas are where the most CRIME occurs. Therefore, it's not unexpected that more black men will be shot in those areas. They're now OPENLY promoting gun violence, and getting away with it, while Obama still "holds the reins of power." One anti-Trump protester actually said, on CNN, one of the most liberal news sites, that "violence and death" was the means to effect political change. For my part, that demonstrator may be right, but such violence and death should be visited upon people like her, not law-abiding citizens. (Mediaite)

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