Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trump Declares War!

War on anti-gun fools who want to "dice up" the Second Amendment. I'm sure he's not the first president who has had a concealed carry permit, but he's certainly the first one in my memory who proudly declared it--and my memory goes back a long way. He has served notice that he isn't going to allow them to "dice up" the Second Amendment the way they've been trying to do for a long time. There's even a movement afoot to REPEAL the Second Amendment. Which is DOOMED if it ever reaches his desk, because he will veto it, if necessary. Trump is definitely the best friend people who wish to retain their constitutionally guaranteed right to self defense, as well as to own and carry the tool to do it, a gun, ever had in the White House. He knows would-be dictators are the only ones who want to disarm the populace, and he certainly is not that! No matter what liberal Democrats say. He believes the government has NO BUSINESS deciding whether or not a citizen can own and carry a gun for self defense. Hitler did it; Stalin did it; and other dictators did it, and you know the result if you've been paying attention. (Breitbart)

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