Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"Keep 'Em Ignornt"

Liberals think the best way to keep kids from getting into the guns in the house and maybe killing themselves or others is to “keep them ignorant” about guns, so they remain curious. That curiosity usually leads to them getting into the guns and “playing with them” as if they were cap guns, having no idea they can KILL. So they do everything they can to HIDE “gun knowledge” from the kids, and that can get them KILLED. So the kids predictably get into the guns in the house (they know where they are) and sometimes shoot each other, not having any idea it’s not a “cap gun.” And they know what cap guns are, don’t they? A Jacksonville, FL mom, who has heard all the ignorant lies from the anti-gun fools was very upset that her school had “taught her children about guns” without her permission. She said, “They’ve undone 7 years of parenting in one year.” This shows the level of IGNORANCE she has, if she thinks keeping her kids IGNORANT about guns is “parenting.” If you’re going to keep your lids alive, you’re going to have to TEACH them about guns, that they can KILL you, and they’re not the same as cap guns. Otherwise, their innate curiosity will “take over” and they (or their friends) might not survive it, It is this level of IGNORANCE that gets kids killed, plus the carelessness with which parents store their guns, not the gun. (Ammoland)

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