Sunday, November 20, 2016

Injecting Racism

Communist Van Jones is angry. He says Trump's election is a "whitelash against a black president." Leave it to such as him to inject racism into a good thing. Which tells me HE is the racist in this plot. Some black people have been working HARD to CREATE black against WHITE racism in this country, and that works to Jones' advantage in his quest to bring communism to America. Liberals of all stripes regularly use racism to advance their agenda. Racism that does not exist, and never has, to the extent they insist upon. Yes, there are a few malcontents who ARE racist, But they are an increasing minority and their numbers are dwindling rapidly. Obama INCREASED the small amount of remaining racism by PREFERRING to be black, when it suited him (he's as much white as he is black). ANYBODY who opposed him, on ANYTHING, was called a racist. And that continues, with people like Jones. Hopefully, we can overcome that during the Trump years. (The Blaze)

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