Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"Taking Out" Bloomberg, Soros

We took Hillary out, ENDING her political career. In 4, maybe 8 years, she'll be too old to seriously run again for president. And Soros is already too old to be much more trouble in the future. But he has systems set up to do us as much damage as he can in his remaining years, so we need to find a way to "take him out," too. Bloomberg is relatively young, and can still do a LOT of damage, especially to those wanting to retain their natural right to self defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun. If they read this, they'll probably accuse me of wanting them killed. That's how they deal with opposition: paint the opposition as black as they can. They'll probably call me a racist for having the temerity to use the word, "black." So now, I'll be not only a potential murderer, but a racist one, too. But I don't want them dead. I want them rendered IMPOTENT to do us any more damage, since these two are the biggest KNOWN enemies of the United States. With all he's done, I don't know why Soros is not in prison, now. That's where this evil monster needs to be. He has already destroyed the economies of FIVE countries, and is working diligently to do the same here. The NRA spent $20 million to "take Hillary out," and is now working to "take them out," so their influence probably will not last much longer, billionaires, or not. (Washington Examiner)

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