Thursday, November 3, 2016

Another Obama Lie

He says he didn’t know Hillary was using a private e-mail system, but that’s an out-and-out LIE (among all the others). Anybody receiving an e-mail from anybody can easily tell what service he/he is using. And if Hillary was using a state-provided e-mail service, it would have a suffix like “” Hers did NOT. So Obama would definitely have known she was not using an authorized service, any time he got one from her, which he did, on a regular basis. He even used a phony name with which to communicate with her, to maintain "viable deniability," which proves his lie. This is the typical kind of lie Obama tells, hoping to fool the nation. But anybody who uses e-mail will know that, so he got caught. But he doesn’t care. He figures he can vehemently deny the lie, and we’ll have to believe it. It is the narrative, and he figures we will have to accept it. (Politico)

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