Friday, November 4, 2016

Spendthrift Obama

Obama let it be known that he wanted to play a round of golf with Tiger Woods. I guess he really likes men who cheat on their wives and have suffered for it. So he gets his wish, and spends $3.6 MILLION of OUR money to do it. Another example of how he spends our money like water for his own enjoyment, not for government business. You say he needs all that security and communications gear to be with him at all times? You’d think he’d take that into account. But he doesn’t care. He (and his wife) is (are) “on the gravy train” and they’re going to play it for all it’s worth, as long as they can. We should have seen this in him when he TRIPLED the national debt, spending more money than ALL previous presidents, PUT TOGETHER. (Daily Caller)

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