Friday, November 11, 2016

Cops: "We Got Enough!"

The cops say they have enough evidence to put Hillary, Bill, Huma, and Weiner behind bars for the foreseeable future. They say they knew Wiener was trying to seduce underage girls as far back as 2011, and did nothing. Also, they are involved with a convicted pedophile who has a "child sex haven" island, and have made many trips there. Hillary six times, Bill 20 times. I'm waiting with "bated breath" to see what they do with this evidence. Will they "charge in" and arrest them? Will there be a "show trial" where all the gory details are aired? Will we see some "perp walks" starring Hillary and Bill, and the others? I don't know, now that the election is over and she is no longer "the anointed one." Maybe she IS "above the law." We will see, as time goes on. If she is allowed to "walk away," we will know.(American Patriot Daily)

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