Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Lot to Repeal

Trump has a big job ahead of him, just repealing all the stupid laws Obama managed to get made before he got saddled with a Republican Congress and had to resort to the ILLEGAL use of executive orders, which he "enforced" LIKE laws. One of those silly laws is the one that made ALL "school zones" gun-free zones. That single law is responsible for ALL the school children who have been killed and injured by mass shooters, who KNEW there probably wouldn't be anybody there with their own guns, and able to oppose him. I say, "him," because, so far, ALL mass shooters have been male. So don't give me a lot of crap about ignoring women. I know, I know: those laws MAY have been made before Obama. But they were made by the same kind of people Obama is. Point is, it may be a full-time job JUST to get stupid liberal laws repealed. (Bullets First)

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