Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Concentrating On Ammo

They're so obvious, it's crazy. The anti-gun fools can't just ban guns, so they want to make the ones we do have USELESS. That might be good, in a way, because that's pne of the only things in their fool laws that MIGHT effect people who have ILLEGAL guns, too. Except that it's so easy to get bullets ILLEGALLY. Requiring TWO forms of identification before people can buy bullets only creates yet another illicit market, this time for bullets. Criminals LOVE it. Those fools in New Jersey's hierarchy are making them a LOT of money with their fool laws. This hasn't happened in NJ yet. It's only a "recommendation" of a "commission." But you can expect those damned fool lawmakers to "jump on it" with a passion--the liberal ones, anyway. One good thing about Republicans: they tend more toward a bit more intelligence--sometimes. Maybe one day they'll find a way to do something REAL. Maybe. (Breitbart)

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