Monday, November 7, 2016

Ia A Revolution Coming?

The last time the government tried to take away our guns, it started a revolution that created a nation, BASED on freedom for the INDIVIDUAL, not for the government, and in which the right to be armed for self defense was enshrined in our founding documents. The Founders knew that if we gave up that right, we would soon be enslaved. Since then, even before the ink dried on that founding document, politicians have been trying mightily (unsuccessfully, I might add) to “get around” that founding document and “get rid of our guns.” Again, unsuccessfully. They just can’t understand why, after so many years trying, they haven’t been able to do it. It doesn’t occur to them that the MAJORITY of Americans are AGAINST it. They try every way they can to “get around” the Constitution, and mostly concentrate on making the legal guns out there USELESS by forcing gun owners to “safely store” their guns in such a way they can’t be gotten into action fast enough to oppose a criminal bearing an ILLEGAL gun. They create “gun-free zones” that criminals IGNORE, bringing their guns there anyway, SEEKING OUT gun-free zones in which to do their dirty work, being pretty sure that gullible, law-abiding people will not be armed and able to stop them.

People fear that the politicians, if Hillary is elected, will finally succeed, and they’re ready to fight. Some of them have formed “militias” and are HEAVILY armed. They will probably lose, but they WILL fight, and they will be joined by others. Maybe they will even win. The “authorities” have shown that they are “stopped cold” by a display of armed people resolute in their desire to stop their atrocities. Many are just not prepared to fire upon other Americans. I don’t want to see another revolution in this country, mostly because we don’t know what kind of government we’ll get after it’s over, and the Constitution invalidated (not even to mention the unnecessary bloodshed). I’m too old and “broken down” to participate, anyway. But I see one coming, and I wish it wouldn’t happen—at least, in my lifetime or that of my progeny. (NY Times)

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