Sunday, November 13, 2016

Friend "Investigating" Clinton

Did you know that a high ranking man in the “investigation” of Hillary Clinton is an old friend of her campaign chairman, John Podesta? How in HELL is there ever going to be a REAL investigation with their close friends doing the “investigating?” This is the kind of political corruption (incest) there is in DC, and is probably the primary reason that, no matter what is discovered, nothing ever seems to be done about it. Peter Kadzik, an Assistant Attorney General, even DONATED to one of Podesta’s former campaigns. Kadzik contributed to Hillary THREE TIMES, $1,000 or more each. Which should have REQUIRED him to distance himself from the “investigation,” but he didn’t mention it. Even his WIFE, Amy Weiss, who worked as a House Deputy Assistant and Deputy Pres Secretary to Bill Clinton, also contributed! This is the kind of “incestuous relationship” you can expect when Democrats are involved. Podesta’s wife used the name “Weiss.” So her contributions to friends would not be connected to Kadzik? (Washington Free Beacon)

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