Monday, November 21, 2016

They Were Wrong

The pundits were wrong, right along, on Donald Trump. When he announced his candidacy for the presidency, they ridiculed him. They said he couldn't win a single primary. Then he started winning them in wholesale numbers. Then they said, "Okay, he won a few primaries, but he will never get the nomination." Then he continued winning primaries, right and left. and got the nomination by almost complete obliteration of 16 candidates. So they said, "Sure, he did get the nomination. But he can't win the general election. It's impossible." Now he has won the general election by a huge majority. Will they continue to be wrong about him as he goes about his duties as the elected president of the United States? Probably, Most of the pundits don't recognize their fallibility. They just ignore it and continue to make wrong predictions. Some of the same people said the same things about Ronald Reagan, and he won two elections by a landslide, after getting rid of many of the bad things liberals had done before. (Just common sense)

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