Sunday, November 27, 2016

Obama's "Legacy"

Obama is worried about "his legacy." But Obama doesn't have a legacy. At least, not one to which he will admit, anyway. His is a legacy of major destruction to this country's prestige, as well as causing it to fall into a recession to which he will NEVER admit. He leaves a real legacy of 90 million unemployed who have been without jobs for so long they have given up on EVER finding work again, and have left the work force to live at the government's expense--which was his plan, all along. People dependent on the government for their "daily bread" are easier to control. His legacy is DESTROYING the medical profession with Obamacare, so he can foist a "single-payer" health care system on us, with him in charge.

His is a legacy of death and destruction, and loss of the prestige this country once enjoyed. His legacy is a rise of racism, when it was almost ENDED before he came. And the rise of BLACK racism against whites that is ever more vicious than ANYTHING whites EVER did against blacks in the past. Mostly because it is "Obama created," after he told us electing him would forever END racism in this country. He and his sycophants have "whipped up" racism where it didn't exist, and invented new forms of racism by attributing racism to things that were NOT racism, at all. History will remember Barack Obama as the WORST president in the history of America. A man who came close to DESTROYING this country by spending more money than ALL presidents before him, PUT TOGETHER, and by refusing to name an enemy and allowing him to grow strong, while refusing to effectively fight him. (Just common sense)

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