Saturday, November 5, 2016

Australia Repeats Their Failure

They instituted a “MANDATORY” gun-buyback program a few years ago, after a particularly disturbing mass shooting. It didn’t work. So now they’re going to offer “amnesty” for those who didn’t obey the first law, who give up their guns. “’There is little evidence to suggest that (the Australian mandatory gun-buyback program) had any significant effects on firearm homicides,’ University of Melbourne researchers Wang-Sheng Lee and Sandy Suardi wrote in 2008. ‘Although gun buybacks appear to be a logical and sensible policy that helps to placate the public’s fears, the evidence so far suggests that in the Australian context, the high expenditure incurred to fund the 1996 gun buyback has not translated into any tangible reductions in terms of firearm deaths,’ they added.” In other words, it didn’t work. Today, they ADMIT that there are 260,000 ILLEGAL guns in Australia, and are going to offer amnesty to anyone who will turn in their guns. Like a CRIMINAL will “turn in his guns,” just because they “offer amnesty.” What FOOLS these anti-gun idiots be! (Truth About Guns)

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