Tuesday, November 22, 2016

They Just Never Learn

Liberals (Democrats) were "spanked" in the presidential election, and so was gun control. But did Democrats notice? Not a chance. They've "pledged" to renew their efforts to take the guns away from honest, law-abiding people to make them DEFENSELESS against the crooks carrying ILLEGAL guns out there, and voted in anti-gun fool Chuckie Schumer to replace Crappy Harry Reid as minority leader in the Senate, guaranteeing anti-gun efforts will continue, in spite of Donald Trump's promise to "respect the Second Amendment." They plan to also promote the usual giveaways and higher taxes. Things the people rejected in this, and two previous elections. And they're having meetings all over the place to "find out what went wrong," when the answer is so obvious: the American people just got tired of being screwed over and decided to, as Trump put it, "clean out the swamp in DC and elsewhere." They'll never learn, and thus, beginning two elections ago, their party will dwindle until it goes the way of the Whigs. (America's First Freedom)

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