Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gun Frightens Libral Fools!

A woman got all shook up when a man wearing an openly carried gun tried to give her a Trump leaflet and when she refused it, he asked her, “Who are you going to vote for, Crooked Hillary?” Which sorely frightened her. Like he was going to draw that gun and shoot her for not voting the way he thought she should. Virginia is an “open carry state,” so he was fully within his rights. They asked him to cover the gun, which he readily did (he also had a concealed carry permit), and then everything was “okay.” He stayed the requisite 40 feet from the polling place, so that was okay, too. Nobody could see that “wascally gun,” so nobody was frightened, any more. What a bunch of WIMPS those liberals (Democrats) are! Just the SIGHT of a gun scares the hell out of them, and they go “crying to mommy!”

The man did nothing any political operative would not do. He was “nice” to everybody, according to reports. But he had a gun! So he frightened people, just standing there. Sheesh If this is the kind of place America has come to, I don’t want to be here, any more. But there’s nowhere better to go. So I’m stuck. They make a “big thing” about the difference between this and the big black men carrying nightsticks and wearing cop-like uniforms at a polling place last election. But those men weren’t 40 feet away. They were right in the doorway. You had to walk around them to get inside. They say the difference is this man was WHITE, injecting race into it, as usual (that’s what liberals DO!). But those black men were violating the “distance law,” and WERE intimidating people. This guy was not. Black or white, he was in the right, law-wise. (Huffington Post)

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