Friday, November 25, 2016

"Target-Rich Environment"

I predicted it recently. Waffle House restaurants are going to be "targeted" by armed robbers because they think they have a better chance of not finding honest people there with their own guns, well able to stop them. Well, in Georgia, a "serial robber" has proved me right by robbing SEVERAL Waffle Houses. The cops say they want to capture this guy before he finds an "armed customer." They assume it will be the CUSTOMER who gets shot. I think they're very wrong. It is the ROBBER who needs to watch out, because not ALL law-abiding people obey STUPID laws. "Gun-free zone" or not, he IS going to eventually run into somebody with his (or her) own gun, and he is going to "go down." The more Waffle Houses he robs, the more apt he is to find an ARMED customer. And when he does, it is not the CUSTOMER who will "go down," it is HIM. (WPXI Channel 2)

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