Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Anti-Gun Attorney General

The (former) attorney general of Pennsylvania, who is an avid anti-gun fool, a petty, vindictive sort who violated the law on a regular basis, promised to "end corruption" in Pennsylvania. And I guess she did, in a "round-about way." She was convicted on many counts of abusing her power and faces maybe 28 years in prison (though she'll probably get less). She traded political favors for legal protection. But it wasn't her anti-gun activities that got her in trouble. It was her complete disdain for the limitations on her power. At one point she managed to stop an investigation into her activities, but it was taken up by local prosecutors, and resulted in many convictions for corruption, including hers. She lost her law license, as well as her job. But it's likely she won't need either while she's in prison, just as Bill Clinton didn't need his after being impeached, since he made more money by braying. Maybe the FBI should take a look at this woman, and apply the same rules to Hillary Clinton, now that she has been eliminated from the presidential race. But I doubt they will. Notice this former AG is a Democrat. So you won't hear much about this in the liberal media. (Bullets First)

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