Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Foulest Stench of All

Many people don’t like Lou Dobbs, for the same reasons they don’t like Donald Trump. He is not “business as usual,” and will shake up the garbage pit in DC like nobody—not even Ronald Reagan ever did. I sure hope Dobbs is right, and Trump is the leader we desperately need, at a time when we need it the most. Trump has stood up and said what needs to be said, and spent millions, maybe even BILLIONS of his own money to be able to take a pay cut, so he can do something about the “garbage heap” in DC, knowing that for the next four years, at least, he will not be able to lead his private business to new wealth. That will have to be left up to his children. Hillary certainly isn’t going to do it, she’ll only make it worse. She’s one of the biggest garbage dumpers in DC!

She is the cause of many of our worst problems. He has spent his lifetime amassing a huge fortune. If he was as stupid as the Democrats paint him, he couldn’t have done that.. Yes, he did get a “head start.” But he has significantly INCREASED his fortune from where he started. The Democrats have nothing REAL to go against him, so all they can do is come up with a bunch of women willing to accuse him of sexual misconduct (with no proof) and insults. Trump is a “street fighter.” He doesn’t accept their insults the same way other politicians do. He fights back. And that’s the kind of leader we desperately need, right now. Lou Dobbs lays it out in this video. There appears to be a problem with this URL. The first time you try in, you might get a "not permitted" notice. Close that tab after copying the URL and try it in a new tab. Off course, you can also search Fox Business/Lou Dobbs for it, if necessary. (Fox Business/Lou Dobbs)

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